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Weight Training for Weight Loss

Lifting Weights To Lose Weight

Increasing Metabolism with Weight Training for Weight Control


Strength Training to Reduce Body Fat

Metabolism - the higher your metabolism, the more energy your body demands, the more fat you burn.  The proven, most effective way to increase your metabolism and therefore lose fat is by increasing lean muscle, which is most effectively achieved through weight training that is focused on weight loss

Muscle is extremely metabolic - approximately five times more active than most other body cells - with 10 more pounds of muscle, your body will burn 600 more calories per day, which is equivalent to running 6 miles per day, 7 days per week!  The more you “break down” your muscles during weight training, the more active your muscles become, the higher your metabolism.

You will have the most success in your weight loss, sculpting body, and total body toning - if you incorporate weight training for weight loss - weight training that is focused on weight loss - muscle weight loss - weight training to lose weight .   If you only diet, most of any loss is most likely water loss and once you stop dieting, you will gain the body weight back, if not more than before, and actually decrease your metabolism, which is the opposite of what you want.  Cardio exercises burn fat only after 20 minutes of the cardio exercise. For example, when a person does 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, they burn fat for only 10 minutes, which is inadequate for healthy weight loss. Weight training for weight loss allows you to body burn fat for 24 hours a day, even while you are sleeping!


Personal Trainer, Fitness Training Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, LA, Weight Loss, Fitness Programs

Personal Trainer

Body Weight Change
Muscle Weight Change
Fat Weight Change
Cardio Training
- 3.5 lbs
- 0.5 lbs
- 3.0 lbs
Cardio & Weight Training
- 8.0 lbs
+ 2.0 lbs
- 10.0 lbs

Body, fat, and muscle changes for subjects who performed only cardiovascular exercises and both cardiovascular exercise and muscle training over an eight week period (N=72). As adapted from Fitness Management, Nov 1991, written by Wayne Westcott, PhD., Strength Training Consultant for the National YMCA, ACE, IDEA, NASM, and the National Youth Sports foundation and author of several Fitness books, including the college text, Strength Fitness.

A personal trainer who is a certified instructor and has a bachelor's degree in a fitness or medical related field helps you achieve much more fitness results in much less time, energy, and effort.  Many people interested in weight loss programs, sculpting body, total body toning incorrectly incorporate a bodybuilding weight training that is ineffective for their goals; they often “bulk up” and/ or do not achieve the weight loss results they desire.  Also, many do not exercise their entire body, which must be trained to most effectively increase metabolism, lose body fat, and which also creates increased muscle imbalances, which increases vulnerability to injury.  People have different genetics, bone structures, metabolisms, injuries, etc. 

A certified personal trainer with a degree customizes the right workout program for your unique body and goals.  Customization or "personalization" is a process of continually changing the exercises as a function of what is most effective for your body and your goals during each workout in order to achieve the most results.  Your body continuously changes and so must the program to achieve further results.  As the programs become more customized, your fitness results increase proportionally, which further optimizes your time and energy, maximizing your results.


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