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Personal Trainer Los Angeles, Personal Training Los Angeles, weight loss, diet nutrition, health, exercise, fitness program, LA, California.
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Fitness Book, Fitness Literature, Fitness Articles, Diet And Exercise Info For Weight Loss


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Personal Trainer Los Angeles, Online Fitness, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills Personal Trainer, Fitness Training, Personal Trainer Los Angeles, personal training fat loss, body toning, diets, nutrition. A fitness trainer, an ace personal trainer certified through ACE Personal Training, the 1987 Arizona overall winner in bodybuilding, an ambassador ace personal trainer, and has experience in personal training for 20 years.  Personal Trainer Los Angeles graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, with area of emphasis in biomechanics. Our Personal Trainer has advanced education in the mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement.  With such education and experience, our health fitness personal training programs optimize your personal training workouts of your fitness program and your time and energy for the most results. Personal Trainer Los Angeles is a weight loss expert in weight loss, muscle toning, weight loss diet, body sculpting for all personal training clients, from beginner , intermediate, and advanced exercise workout routines.  For a personal trainer or more information on fitness training, call (310) 867-0505 or email for a free consultation.

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