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Personal Trainer Torrance, Personal Training Torrance outdoor exercise, Personal Trainer Gyms, including Hermosa Beach The Gym, Golds Gym Redondo Beach, health club gyms, home personal training, health clubs, fitness centers, (personal trainer gyms don't require a membership). We work with personal training at Golds Redondo Beach, LA Fitness, Torrance, 24 Hour Fitness, Torrance. We have outdoor exercise fitness programs. We currently offer personal training in Los Angeles, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hollywood Riviera, Hermosa Beach, Westside, LAX, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, Torrance, Long Beach, LA California - personal trainers santa monica ca, personal trainers brentwood ca.

Torrance Personal Training

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Torrance Personal Training

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We offer outdoor personal training, boot camp, weight loss exercise, weight loss personal fitness training, weight loss diet, body toning, health fitness, and most exercise fitness programs most people in Torrance like.

Our ACE Certified Personal Trainer is a College graduate from Arizona State University, educated with a Bio Medical Engineer degree - Bachelor Of Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering, with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering - Biomechanics - Kinesiology and Kinematics - study of Anatomy and Physiology with respect to Calculus-based Statics, Mechanics, and Dynamics,.

Since our Personal Trainer has a bachelor degree of science in Bioengineering involves advanced biomedical education of the body, biomechanical principles, human biomechanics, exercise kinesiology, kinematic analysis, he has the knowledge and an understanding of the human body on all levels to design highly effective personal training programs for the human body.



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