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Biomedical Engineer – College Graduate
Combining sound academic training with applied experience
Helping personal training clients achieve health, weight loss, diet, fitness goals
ACE Personal Trainer Certified

Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Personal Trainer Los Angeles, personal training Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills - weight loss, diet, nutrition, health, fitness, muscle, exercise, fitness programs.

A certified personal trainer, fitness specialist, 20 years personal training. Skilled at fitness motivation to achieve fitness goals. Scientifically and medically skilled.

Results oriented with excellent skills as a fitness instructor, guidance, weight loss motivation. Effectively employs personal training, couples training, and group personal training.


BSE Biomedical Engineer
Advanced Biomechanics
Kinematics / Kinesiology
Sports Nutrition
Fitness Motivation
Body Awareness

ACE Personal Trainer Certified
Ambassador ACE Personal Trainer
1987 Arizona Overall Winner Bodybuilding
20 Years Personal Training

Possess extensive knowledge and strong understanding of the functions and vital processes of the human body to effectively design and deliver physical fitness training programs and personal nutrition.
Ambitious coupled with the ability to motivate and lead others for improving productivity
Results oriented leader with excellent skills in instructing, guiding, and motivating. Effectively employ one on one personal fitness training and group personal training programs.
Customer service, training, and development experience.


ARIZONA  STATE  UNIVERSITY              1991
Area of Emphasis       Biomechanics / Biomechanical Engineering

Advanced study of body function on a biological, chemical, and mechanical level. Advanced knowledge in the area of biomechanics, movement, locomotion, robotics, etc. and Nutrition.


Biomedical Development
Biomechanical Engineering
• Limb prosthetics, orthotics, Motion mechanics, material deformation, flow within body and devices, etc.
• External prosthetics and orthotics (crustacean orthotics, skeletal construction),  BK - Solid Ankle Cushion Heel (SACH) foot ankle combination, Mauch Hydraulic Ankle, Patellar Tendon Bearing (PTB) socket with Muley strap, AK - Total Contact Socket (TCS), suction, Mauch Swing and Stance knee, upper limb prosthetics - hook and glove prosthetic, harness system prosthetics (muscular, pneumatic, electric), neuromuscular, myoelectric control systems, etc.
• Internal prosthetics, orthotics,  total hip replacement, surface replacement arthroplasty, hemiarthroplasty of the Austin-Moore endoprosthesis, unconstrained total knee replacement, unconstrained, partially stabilized total knee replacement, constrained total knee replacement, etc.
• Artificial tendons and ligaments, etc., Cardiac valves, etc.
Biosystems Engineering
• Artificial heart, pancreas, kidneys, blood vessels, blood oxygenators, etc.
• Devices for therapeutic uses, such as angioplasty catheters, drug delivery systems, etc.
• Imaging systems based on X-rays (CT), isotopes (PET), magnetic fields (MRI), ultrasound, thermography, etc.
• Procedures where engineering analysis determines parameters not directly measurable, i.e. cardiomyoplasty, etc.
Bioelectrical Engineering
• Cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, ECG, radiography, etc.
Bioinstrumentation Engineering
• Biosensors, such as fiberoptic, cholesterol, pH, glucose, neurosensors, Monitoring instruments, etc.
Biomaterials Engineering
Transport of chemical constituents across biological, synthetic media and membranes, etc.


Blood heat exchanger to regulate blood temperature for mechanical oxygenators and dialysis instruments
Cardiac transport system to protect and sustain viability of heart during open heart surgery                 
Cable controlled upper limb prosthesis emphasizing material availability, fabrication, low cost
Wrist band monitor to detect blood pressure and pulse for the ambulatory patient


Personal Trainer  Fitness Trainer, Fitness Training   1/87 - 9/92
*  Personal fitness trainer - to coach personal training programs to both groups and individuals for maximum results.
*  Fitness personal trainer - to prepare, supervise, instruct clients correct exercise technique, motivation, nutrition, stress abatement at athletic club.
*  Exercise personal trainer - to brainstorm, analyze, develop fitness and exercise solutions to unique individual situations.
*  Home personal trainer, certified specialist to create positive, team atmosphere to improve productivity and maximum efficiency.
*  Certified instructor specialized on motivating personal training clients.

Personal Training  Bally's Fitness - Health and Fitness Club - Personal Trainer, Fitness Training    9/92 - 11/97
*  Personal trainer - to create fitness programs to clients for improved performance at Bally's Fitness
*  Fitness trainer - to take body fat measurements, nutrition handouts, how diet, meals plan diet, fat nutrition for Bally's Fitness.
*  Exercise personal trainer - to teach health fitness programs to members at Ballys Fitness using fitness equipment at their fitness club.
*  Gym personal trainer - to teach Ballys Fitness members their exercise programs with the fitness equipment and how to use exercise equipment at fitness center.
*  Certified instructor to instruct members at Ballys Fitness members on how to use health fitness equipment at health club.

Los Angeles Personal Trainer  L.A. Body Design - Personal Trainer, Personal Training    9/92 - present
*  Personal Trainer - to devise, direct, evaluate, tailor total health fitness programs to both groups and individuals for optimal performance.
*  Personal Training - to prepare, supervise, instruct clients correct exercise technique, motivation, nutrition, stress abatement.
*  Fitness Personal Trainer - to brainstorm, analyze, develop fitness and exercise solutions to unique individual situations and providing weight loss motivation and exercise.
*  Weight loss Personal Trainer - to design weight loss programs, weight loss diet, weight loss toning, weight loss and, to focus on weight fat loss with a healthy lifestyle.
*  Personal Fitness Trainer - certified on sports psychology and motivating personal training clients to reach their exercise goals.

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* Oxygenators - bubble oxygenator, film oxygenator, membrane oxygenator, ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation), IVOX (intravascular oxygenation), ECCO2R
* Pulsatile and nonpulsatile blood pumps on chronic awake subjects, including centrifugal, roller, pulsatile assist device
* Mechanical fragility tests, including Fleisch hemoresistometer, Swank blood filter - screen filtration pressure
* Mechanical heart valves, including Medtronic Hall, St. Jude, tissue valves, including bovine heart valves, porcine heart valves
* PTCA (angioplasty), CABG (coronary artery bypass graft), atherectomy, laser catheters, pyroplasty, hot tip, stent angioplasty
* Total artificial heart, LVAD (left ventricular assist device), LVAS (left ventricular assist system) including Novacor LVAS, Penn State LVAD, Hemopump
* Controlled drug release technology (concentration drug release, absorption drug release, targeting drug release),  ambulatory, implantable (programmable drug release - induction coupling, telemetry and constant flow drug release pumps, including Infusaid, Siemens peristaltic IDE, Siemens peristaltic IPI), oral including elastic, diffusion, OROS (osmotic pressure), colloidal - including liposomes, biodegradable, transdermal including microporous membrane, polymer matrix, ionophoresis, phonophoresis, IV infusion including gravity, pressure gradient by peristalses, syringe, gas pressure, total parenteral nutrition
* Cardiomyoplasty, implantable extra aortic balloon powered by cardiomyoplasty, IABP (intra aortic balloon pump), counterpulsation
* Pumps including peristaltic, syringe, pneumatic (fluorocarbon), piezoelectric, osmotic, piston, rotary solenoid motors, DC motors 
* Biosensor transducer systems, measurement modes including enzyme electrode, amperometric, ion selective electrode, potentiometric, thermistor, calorimetric, piezoelectric crystal, mass change, fiber optic, optical
* Biosensors (diabetic) including glucose (spot blood, needle, intravenous), ketone bodys (spot blood, skin, breath, subcutaneous, combined glucose, ketone), lactate (intravenous, combined glucose, lactate), amino acid (combined glucose, amino acid)
* Artificial pancreas, open loop - discontinuous (conventional, multiple injection), continuous (pump), polymer matrix controlled release, closed loop - Biostator, Betalike, bioresponsive membrane, water swellable hydrogel, hybrid - extravascular (diffusion chambers, microcapsules, sealed hollow fibers), intravascular
* Artificial liver (hemodialysis, plasmapheresis, hemoperfusion), biological artificial liver (isolated liver perfusion) - hepatic reactor, hepatocyte (microencapsulation, transplantation, extracorporeal suspension), hybrid artificial liver - biologic and artificial
* Artificial kidney,  Hemodialysis, CAPD (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis), CAVH (continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration), CAVHD (CAV hemodiafiltration), Vascular grafts, including PTFE, Dacron, human umbilical vein, fistula
* Standard dialysis membranes - Cellulose Acetate, high flux membranes - hydrophobic synthetic polymers (Polysulfone), leucopenia
* Organ preservation methods including simple cold storage, continuous hypothermic perfusion, cryopreservation and preservation techniques including UW, cryoprotectants, metabolic inhibitors
* Pacemakers,  categories, attributes, indications, limitations, catheter ablation, AICD (automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator)
* Electrical stimulation including TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator) - pain, FNS (functional neuromuscular) - paraplegic ambulation, FES (electrical) - cardiac assist, auditory and visual prostheses, respiratory and urinary dysfunction, electronarcosis
* Triaxial nerve cable modeling, advanced membrane biophysics, forward and inverse problem, TOBEC, four electrode measurements
* ECG, VCG (vector), EMG (muscle), EEG (brain), EOG (ocular), ERG (retina), evoked potential, electroventilation, pneumotachogram
* ZCG (impedance cardiogram), Z pneumogram, Z plethysmogram, Z phlebogram, Z rheoencephalogram, galvanic skin response
* SQUID - MCG (magnetocardiogram), MEG (brain), MPG (lung), second order gradiometers
* Radiography, fluoroscopy, digital subtraction angiography, CT (computerized tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET (positron emission tomography), SPECT (single photon emission CT), ultrasound, thermography, lithotripsy
* Mechanical and high frequency ventilators - jet, oscillation, positive pressure, ventilation, perfusion ratio distribution for various diseases
* TPE and selective depletion therapies in apheresis including filtration (cascade filtration, cryofiltration, hemofiltration), adsorption, physiochemical fractionation methods
* Cell savors, artificial blood substitutes, such as PFCs (perfluorochemical liquid) and hemoglobin solutions
* Internal and external orthotics and prosthetics including myoelectric control prosthetics, joint replacement, artificial tendons and ligaments
* Hearing Aids, Cochlear implants, BTE, ITE, ITC - Siemens Infiniti, Triton 3004i, multiple channel - Mini System 22 channel


Pacemaker | Defibrillation
*  Manually compressed canine fibrillating heart to maintain circulation and utilized defibrillator to convert to normal sinus rhythm
*  Utilized A-V sequential demand pacemaker, examined pacemaker categories, model waveforms
Electromagnetic Blood Flow
*  Utilized electromagnetic blood flow meter to observe effects of flow,  through AV shunt, vessel occlusion, anoxia on blood flow during ventricular pacing and fibrillation
*  Observed blood flow differences while changing pump speed, tubing size, blood filter
*  Examined other methods including,  simple outflow measurements, drop recordings, bubble flowmeters, venous occlusion methods using plethysmograph, thermal methods using thermocouples
Ultrasound | Sector Scanner
*  Utilized pulse echo A mode to,  gauge distances, analyze effect of different materials on speed of ultrasound
*  Utilized M-mode to display motion of mitral valve, Philips imaging sector scanner with scan converter
*  Utilized combined ultrasound doppler, split transducer to detect blood flow in the carotid artery, ear pulse pressure rhythm with Dopscan photoplethysmograph, examined ultrasound categories,  A mode - thickness, B mode - imaging, M mode - kinetics
ECG | Blood Pressure | Respiration
*  Utilized ECG, observed effects of electrode location
*  Measured canine blood pressure by direct arterial cannulation and human blood pressure by palpatory and ausculatatory methods
*  Utilized anesthesia volume monitor to measure important lung volumes and capacities, spirometry
Thermodilution Cardiac Output 
*  Utilized Swan-Ganz catheter to measure central venous pressure, right atrial pressure, right ventricular pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, pulmonary wedge pressure, cardiac output using thermal dilution

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