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Personal Trainer Palos Verdes, Personal Training Palos Verdes outdoor exercise, Personal Trainer Gyms, including Hermosa Beach The Gym, Golds Gym Redondo Beach, health club gyms, home personal training, health clubs, fitness centers, (personal trainer gyms don't require a membership). We work with personal training at Golds Redondo Beach, LA Fitness, Torrance, 24 Hour Fitness, Palos Verdes. We have outdoor exercise fitness programs. We currently offer personal training in Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Hollywood Riviera, Hermosa Beach, Westside, LAX, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, Torrance, Long Beach, LA California - personal trainers santa monica ca, personal trainers brentwood ca.

Palos Verdes Personal Training

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Palos Verdes Personal Training

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If you are lucky enough to be living in Palos Verdes, you can have beach personal training right on the beach or in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is walk out onto the beach or your yard, meet your personal trainer, and start your exercise fitness personal training right now!

We offer outdoor personal training, boot camp, weight loss exercise, weight loss personal fitness training, weight loss diet, body toning, health fitness, and most exercise fitness programs most people in Palos Verdes like.

Our ACE Certified Personal Trainer is a College graduate from Arizona State University, educated with a Bio Medical Engineer degree - Bachelor Of Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering, with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering - Biomechanics - Kinesiology and Kinematics - study of Anatomy and Physiology with respect to Calculus-based Statics, Mechanics, and Dynamics,.

Since our Personal Trainer has a bachelor degree of science in Bioengineering involves advanced biomedical education of the body, biomechanical principles, human biomechanics, exercise kinesiology, kinematic analysis, he has the knowledge and an understanding of the human body on all levels to design highly effective personal training programs for the human body.



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The Right Personal Trainer Optimizes Your Exercise Time and Energy

You get more fitness results with the right certified personal trainer. You look and feel better. A Certified Personal Trainer personalizes your exercise, optimizing your time, and energy for maximum results.

A Certified Personal Trainer Maximizes Your Workouts

The personal trainer customizes your program to your unique, individual body and your particular goal(s).  Each individual body is unique, from genetics, body composition, injuries, and so on, which is taken into consideration when designing each workout. Some programs work for some and not for others. The trainer will determine which workout program per the individual’s unique body.

Each goal has a different workout plan to receive maximum results. Each goal, from weight loss, body building, strength training, sport specific – has a different program. One of the most frequent problems I see in the gym is people being on the wrong program for their goals – then they complain they aren’t getting any results or results they don’t want.

In order to receive more results, your body must be stimulated to adapt to the workouts – therefore increasing in metabolism for weight loss, muscle toning, increasing muscle strength, muscle toning, etc. Your body progressively adapts to the exercise program so the program must be made more challenging each time. In order for you to receive more results, your body must be stimulated to adapt to the workouts utilizing the type of exercises, the number of body parts exercised that day, and the amount of weight, frequency, and duration – all which are dependent on your goal(s) and the your body.

A Certified Personal Trainer Maximizes Your Time

You will get faster, better results in a less time by the continuous customization of your fitness workouts.

A Certified Personal Trainer Maximizes Your Energy

Eight out of ten people who exercise regularly workout for years, expending large amounts of energy, yet they are on the wrong program for their goals, the wrong program for their body, incorrect form and technique, not even being on a regular workout  program – just doing whatever they feel like doing or their favorite exercises. This leads to imbalances, which leads to ineffective results and increases likelihood of injuries and/ or just going through the motions – not getting as much out of their workout as they could.


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