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Fitness | Personal Trainer - Questions & Answers

Fitness Trainer, Fitness Training Q & A

Personal Training Q & A

Questions & Answers To Fitness Training

If you have a question related to exercise, physical fitness, weight loss, diet, nutrition, strength training, health fitness, feel free to email me. As I receive many questions every day about exercise, personal training, weight loss, diet, nutrition, muscle toning, body sculpting, health, fitness etc., my time is limited and I will try to respond to as many questions that I can.

  Personal Trainer, Fitness Training Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, LA, Weight Loss, Fitness Programs

Lightheaded When Beginning An Exercise Program

When I first start exercising, I get a little lightheaded. Is that okay? What does that mean?

Sure, that happens sometimes when people begin an exercise program or take off for a while and start exercising again.

What it means is that your blood oxygen level is at a certain level, lets say on a 1 – 10 scale, a 2. In a couple of weeks, a 4. See, when you start exercising, you force your body to adapt and make more red blood cells in order to transfer more oxygen to the working muscles. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body cells. In fact, when you start working out and making your body adapt to the exercise, your body also makes more capillaries, which are small blood vessels, in order to “feed” the muscles. It’s kind of like a highway. The more cars, the more roads you need. And as you continue your exercising, your body makes more and more red blood cells and capillaries, and you become more fit! In other words, your fitness level increases. You literally transform!

You then get all the benefits of increased fitness, like more energy, and this, by the way, is one of the reason why you get more energy. If you have more red blood cells i.e. increased carrying capacity of oxygen (food to the muscles) and more capillaries, which increases oxygen availability, plus increases transfer of more glucose and amino acids, you are going to have more energy! And that’s a nice thing to have. Plus more stamina. You will be able to endure activities longer. Plus you’ll be able to handle stress much better. Since your body is at a higher fitness level, your body, and therefore, you, will be able to handle stress much better. The everyday stresses of life like traffic, running errands, etc will be much easier to manage.

I often use the comparison of our bodies to cars. It’s like changing a standard car into a racing car. You literally transform your body!

Are all carbs bad?

I read and hear high protein or low carbohydrate diets are best to lose weight. Should I stop eating carbs?

No, in fact, certain carbs are not only good, they are essential. We need glucose, our brain primarily functions only on glucose, which is the simplest from of a carbohdrate for normal brain function. We also need carbs for energy, fuel. I’m glad to see the low carb, Atkins diet craze is OVER! It’s funny, when I started bodybuilding, back in the eighties, I learned about carbohydrate depleting and carbohydrate loading before a bodybuilding contest. It was a typical diet every bodybuilder died before a bodybuilding contest. And this diet had been done since the fifties when bodybuilding began. No one ever heard of  Atkins or low carb. And it was TEMPORARY. Plus we knew it wasn’t much fat loss, it was water loss.

I remember the first two days when I went on a carb depletion diet before winning the Arizona title in ’87, I lost 12 pounds in 2 days! And did I think any of that was from fat? No. water loss. See, amino acids are very large. And when you get a great number of them in the blood stream, through osmosis, you will literally suck the water from the surrounding tissues to the aminos, and then eliminate them. Therefore, high protein diets are nothing more than diuretics. And in fact, your body can only digest 20 grams of protein per meal. Therefore, the rest is turned into fat. The only time this may not occur is after intense physical activity.

The US government suggests consuming only a third of your body weight in protein grams, in other words, if you weigh 100 pounds, your body only needs 33.3 grams protein daily. That’s about the amount of protein in a chicken breast or a can of tuna. That’s it! period. The rest of the food should be vegetables, fruits, quality carbs like brown rice, yams, grain  breads, grain pasta.

Most bodybuilders and athletes eat pasta, and other so called high carbohydrate foods. They also eat in moderation. Grained pasta is low glycemic. It gives you enduring energy. Plus fiber. Most high fiber foods like many vegetables, fruits,  wheat bread, sweet potato are high in fiber, good for your stomach, but definitely hard to digest. Your body uses a lot of energy to digest high fiber foods, which increases your metabolism, burning fat.

I remember in college, I had roommates who were on the wresting team, who always had to ‘make weight’, in other words, get down to a body weight to be in a certain wrestling class. They were all eating potatoes, white potatoes at that! They ate potatoes everyday. Nowadays, that would be considered ‘high carb’.  The potato has been a bodybuilder staple for decades.

The bottom line is about balance. You need to eat in balance, which the average American diet isn’t, eating fast foods and junk food, but the typical picture of the American diet actually is. What is that picture? You have chicken (a chicken breast is better), mixed vegetables, and a potato or pasta. That’s fantastic. Especially if you want to lose some body fat, eat a salad with no fat dressing or low fat dressing, before the meal. You eat this typical ‘picture’ of an ‘American meal’, you’re on your way to losing fat. Of course, exercise helps dramatically.

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