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Questions & Answers To Fitness Training

If you have a question related to exercise, physical fitness, weight loss, diet, nutrition, strength training, health fitness, feel free to email me. As I receive many questions a day about exercise, Personal Training, weight loss, diet, etc., my time is limited and I will try to respond to as many questions that I can. Please email only new and relevant questions.

  Personal Trainer, Fitness Training Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, LA, Weight Loss, Fitness Programs

Here is my typical eating day for the past year:

Breakfast: Banana, 2-3 cups of coffee with Splenda
Snack: 12 almonds, banana
Lunch: egg salad sandwich with mayo, butter, white bread, diet coke or water
Snack: chocolate bar or 12 almonds
Dinner: Usually take out: large plate of pasta with mozzarella cheese or 3-4 pieces of pizza and sometimes dessert, or McDonalds or another fast food combo (burger and fries)
Snack: usually something sweet, a piece of carrot cake or one or two glasses of wine

In 2005, I started a program that helped me get down to 145 lbs while working out with a trainer and on my own (strength training and cardio). This is what I would eat:

Breakfast: Body for Life chocolate shake
Snack: fat-free cottage cheese and grapes
Lunch: lean cuisine lasagna
Snack: 12 almonds with fat-free fruit flavored yogurt
Dinner: Lean Cuisine Pizza
Snack: Body for Life chocolate bar.

These are some healthy foods that I like:
-grapes, bananas, blueberries
-fat-free cottage cheese (if mixed with fruit)
-fat-free yogurt
-almonds, walnuts
-whole wheat bread products
-salmon, shrimp, most shellfish
-chicken breast
-yams, sweet potatoes
-skim milk

These are my weaknesses:
-pizza, pasta, white bread, nachos, cheese, sour cream, chocolate, and sweets in general.

-I don’t like eating breakfast early in the am, so I usually have to make myself eat a banana, or a shake.

I like the direction the diet you used to be on was going, but I see why it didn’t stay. A protein shake in the morning is an excellent idea and helps many of my weight loss clients – kind of like starting the day on the right foot plus they have a much of a less tendency to eat poorly later during the day. I would suggest temporarily for the time being switching to other than chocolate flavor, since chocolate flavor saturates your taste buds, making it harder to eat more effective foods for what you want to accomplish.

By the way, EVERYONE I KNOW LOVES the food you like to eat, me included, but I try to only eat them at only special occasions, and especially not throughout the week. I’ve discovered that if you eat more effectively during the week and since most of us are on auto pilot because of work, most of my personal training clients eat less junk food during weekends just because they have been so used to eating a certain way during the week and that momentum kicks over, plus they have an easier time getting back on the horse on Monday. And from a few to several weeks or so, most clients will not eat poorly over the weekend because they become conscious of how bad the food makes them feel.


Okay, here we go.

Buy a vanilla whey protein shake for the morning meals, about 20 grams, plus fruit, like a banana and berries. For now, limit Lean Cuisines since high sodium content and still saturating taste buds making it more difficult for you to eat effective foods. Also limit almonds and all nuts – even though most nuts have a beneficial fat, if a person eats too many, their body will store the extra fat. Even though I’m not pro Atkins, except for bodybuilding contests or temporary ways of quick weight loss since mostly water loss, the Atkins diet suggested only 5 walnuts per day! That’s it! Enough walnuts to fit in the palm of your hand. Most people overdo the fat and protein amounts on the Atkins diet. When researchers tested fish oil, they only recommended between 1 to 3 grams a day, that’s less than a teaspoon!

The Lean Cuisine Lasagna and Pizza are just going to make your mind and body think of lasagna and pizza. I’ve never had success in the long run with just these foods. If you added a very large salad to each one, you definitely would had lost more weight and kept up with the food plan longer. But for the long run, there are better, more effective ways to eat for weight loss, energy, endurance, and feeling better overall.

I see chicken breast and yams. Extremely effective foods for what you would like to accomplish. An excellent typical dinner would be a chicken breast, salmon, tuna, shrimp, sirloin steak (once a week), calamari, etc, 1 medium yam, brown rice, or pasta (on the side – not a main dish), to even white rice or a white potato (okay), & mixed vegetables, all started out with a medium to large salad with non fat salad dressing, using the fork method, which is first put the salad in your mouth, then put the fork in the dressing on the side, then into your mouth. Extremely effective. Toss in healthy items in your salads, from sliced zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushroom, oranges, apples, bananas, etc. be creative to what you actually like to eat. I’ve changed die hard non veggie eaters to die hard veggie eaters, just by changing the foods the eat. An effective long term weight loss diet should never be seen as restrictive. Just change the foods to something else you like to eat.

A great lunch is the sandwich – for hundreds of years. Don’t be concerned about bread. Bread is excellent food, just make sure it’s either wheat bread, rye bread, or sourdough bread – no white or multigrain. Put some vegetables on your salad. If you use dressing on your sandwiches, use only fat free dressing, or mustard, which does help increase metabolism. Use tomatoes, cucumbers, etc in your sandwiches for moisture. Always start your lunch and dinner meals with a medium to large salad. Salads help clean, purify, and heal your body.

Yogurt, most fruits are excellent snacks. DO NOT be concerned about carbs. Eat in balance. NEVER eat an all carb or all protein meal. Our bodies can’t handle them, your metabolism will plummet, you will get tired. Always eat in balance. For what we want to accomplish, eat a bit more vegetables, especially the cellulose (non starch) vegetables, until we get that body that you want.

So the following is a typical effective diet plan:

20 grams Whey Protein Shake
1 Banana
Mixed Berries

Salad and Sandwich
Salad with no fat dressing
Turkey, low fat swiss on sourdough bread


Chicken teriyaki with brown rice

Large salad with non fat dressing
1 chicken breast, salmon, tuna, shrimp, calamari, sirloin steak (once a week)
1 medium yam, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta  (last resort)
4 - 5 asparagus, mixed vegetables i.e. broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, or singled out i.e. just broccoli

Fruit, yogurt, non fat or low fat cottage cheese and fruit, nuts.

Email me daily your daily diet for suggestions.

I’ve discovered that I’ve had the most success with people in the long term is those people who were the most knowledgeable and aware. The following webpage has many articles on weight loss and nutrition for consciously aware and more importantly, motivation. The more a person thinks about something, the more probable they will achieve it.

The web pages in particular I highly suggest for you to read are the following:


to learn the correct exercise components and tips on correct exercise from and technique and most importantly, why we are doing what we are doing. If you understand the why, then you will be more likely to continually repeat the success.

is the main page for body parts and their corresponding exercises. I advise you to see this page and the corresponding body parts page links for vital information on performing the exercises correctly.

Our bodies have a natural tendency through biological adaptation to protect itself, from not breathing when scared or stressed to placing the most physical stress or tension on the joints with physical movement. Our joints are a strong fibrous body tissue which is much stronger than our muscles and their primary function is to prevent the muscle from tearing off the bones. When beginner exercisers begin to workout, they often hold their breath. Correct breathing is exhaling on the positive motion of the exercise. For example, on bench press, exhale when you push up, the positive motion, and inhale as you come down, the negative motion.  On pulldowns, it’s reverse. You exhale as you pull down, the positive motion, and inhale as you go up, the negative motion. Another more common challenge with beginner exercises is they place most of the exercise on their joints. This is highly ineffective since working out the joints does very little for most peoples’ fitness goals and quickly causes injuries due to cyclic loading on the joints. Therefore correct exercise form is critical for the most effective results from exercise. The muscle belly must be focused on at all times for the most effective results. When exercising with correct form and the correct program, fitness results are actually exponential. The more balanced the body of the personal training client becomes the more fit they become, they receive more results from working out. Their bodies transform, using a car analogy, from a Yugo to a Porsche.


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