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Benefits To Exercise

The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise, from increases in weight loss, muscle toning, body shaping, posture, energy, health and fitness, to stress reduction, mental concentration, confidence, self image, well being, & social rewards.



Exercise Benefits And The Value Of Exercise

Direct & Indirect Benefits Of The Correct Exercise

When we say correct exercise, we mean being on an appropriate exercise fitness program that works for you, your unique individual body, performed correctly. The right weight loss, muscle toning, diet nutrition, exercise program that is designed for your particular body, utilizing correct exercise form and technique, enhanced with balanced eating with a healthy diet focused on your unique body and goals.



Personal Trainer, Fitness Training Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, LA, Weight Loss, Fitness Programs

Physical, Mental, Emotional Benefits Of Exercise

Personal Training with a Personal Trainer Educated Properly Can Have Profound Effects On Your Physical, Mental, And Emotional States

Physical Benefits Of Exercise

Increases weight loss, fat reduction

Fitness level improvements

Increases muscle toning, muscle shaping

Health level improvements

Increases body shaping, body sculpting

Increases muscle strength / muscular strength

Increases energy levels, peak performance

Increases aerobic strength / cardio strength

Improves posture, bearing, stance

Improves skill and agility

Tends to delay aging, delays aging process

Daily chores more easily performed

Increases protection from injuries

Improves flexibility

Increases stamina and endurance

Improves inner core strength

Improves muscle balance

Enhances body power and speed

Proper body weight / body composition

Stronger skeletal system

Neuromuscular coordination and balance

Look better / look healthier / youthful look

Increases physical productivity

Conditions digestive, excretory systems

Stronger resistance to disease

Alleviates many diseases and conditions

Heart disease risk reduction

Increases HDL cholesterol / good cholesterol

High blood pressure reduction

Possibility of certain cancers reduced

Mental Benefits Of Exercise

Mental stress reduction

Induces mental relaxation

Improves confidence

Improves mental productivity

Improves concentration

Improves mental sharpeness

Calms a bad temper

Promotes better sleep

Emotional Benefits Of Exercise

Anxiety reduction

Helps you manage stress better

Enhances self-image

Improves quality of life

Enhances a feeling of well being

Enhances more positive focus

Enhances higher quality of life

Increases outlook on life

Increases social rewards

Helps you feel better about yourself and life

Often, an important incentive to exercise, when performed correctly, is LOOKING GOOD AND FEELING GOOD!

A very important, often overlooked benefit, is that after a while on an exercise program, many people increase their attention to more healthly activities, including a better diet and decrease their attention to health hindering activities, such as poor diet, smoking, negative thinking.  Exercise definitely leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Benefits Of Strength Training

According to ACE*, the American Council On Exercise, strength training benefits include the following:

  1. Increases bone strength
  2. Increases ligament tensile strength
  3. Increases muscle fiber size
  4. Increases capillary density increase
  5. Increases strength of the muscle contractions
  6. Increases tendon tensile strength

As adapted from The Personal Trainer Manual, The Resource For Fitness Professionals by Ace

Recommendations From ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine, and CIAR, Cooper Institute of

Aerobic Research To Improve Muscle Strength, Muscular Endurance, For Adult Population




Sessions / week











8 – 12


8 - 10

Basic development, fat free mass maintenance

CIAR - Minimum


8 – 12



Maintain strength

CIAR - Recommend


8 – 12



Improve strength

CIAR - Optimal


8 – 12



Observable strength gains

Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercise

According to the ACSM, The American College Of Sports Medicine, the benefits of cardio respiratory exercise include the following*:

  1. Adaptive physiologic responses increases
  2. Aerobic work capacity increases
  3. All-cause mortality reduction
  4. Anxiety and depression decreases
  5. Blood pressure decreases
  6. Body fat stores decreases
  7. Capillary density and blood flow to active muscles increases
  8. Clinical symptoms of anxiety, tension and depression reduced
  9. Decreases resting heart rate
  10. HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) increases
  11. Health benefits increases
  12. Heart volume increases
  13. Incidence of some cancers decreases
  14. Increase in heart function
  15. Lactate threshold increases
  16. Lung diffusion capacity increases
  17. Maximal ventilation increases
  18. Maximum cardiac output increase
  19. Maximum oxygen consumption increases
  20. Mobilization and utilization of fat increases
  21. Mortality in post myocardial infarction patients decreases
  22. Reduction in glucose-stimulated insulin secretion
  23. Resting and maximum stroke volume increases
  24. Total blood volume increases
  25. Total cholesterol decreases


Weight Loss Exercise


* as adapted from The Guidelines For Exercise Tasting And Prescription by the ACSM.

Long Term Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary Improvement with Proper Exercise

Cardiac Improvements
The heart is a muscle so it enlarges and strengthens with exercise, which increases the force of each contraction.  This allows an increased cardiac output (more blood flow out of the heart), so the heart becomes a more efficient pump and therefore, a lowered resting heart rate.

Lung Improvements
The respiratory muscles increase in strength, endurance, and work capacity, which allows more alveoli (air sacs) to become more involved, which increases more oxygen transfer.  Since muscles need oxygen to stay aerobic, increased oxygen transfer allows increased muscle endurance, which means less fatigue and therefore increased cardiovascular and fat burning.  This also allows a lower resting breathing rate.

Blood Improvements
The blood volume and content increase due to the increased transfer demands, therefore allowing increased muscle endurance, which also means less fatigue and therefore increases cardiovascular and fat burning.

Capillary Improvements
Capillaries increase in number and function in both the lungs and muscles due to the increased transfer demands.  This also increases oxygen transfer capabilities, which also means less fatigue and therefore increases cardiovascular and fat burning.

Muscle Glycogen Stores Improvements
Muscle glycogen stores increase in number and function due to the increased stress placed on the muscles.  This also increases oxygen transfer capabilities, which also means less fatigue and therefore increases cardiovascular and fat burning.

Adaptations Summary to Cardiovascular Aerobic Workouts / Cardio Respiratory Training

  1. Heart rate decreases at any sub maximal efforts, including resting (theoretically live longer, more relaxed)
  2. Cardiac output stroke volume increases at all intensities, including resting (higher cardiovascualr efficicieny)
  3. Increases maximum cardiac output (higher cardiovascualr efficicieny)
  4. Capillary density increases (higher cardiovascualr efficicieny)
  5. Mitochondria number increases (therefore more energy)
  6. Mitochondria enzymes / aerobic enzymes increased activity (more energy and higher cardiovascualr efficicieny)

Overall, higher cardiac output plus higher oxygen extraction yields higher VO2 Max or higher maximal oxygen consumption therefore you will have more energy, endurance, and stamina!

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